Quickswap NEX pair and NEX (Polygon) swap to NEX (NEO)

Hello Team

with the rising ETH price and the high Gas fees is the Uniswap pair for the most ppl to expensive to buy NEX and swap it to Neo to stake it.

Because of that it would be a good opportunity with the Nash integration to Polygon that the Team good provide some Liquidity for example for a NEX USDC pair on Quickswap on Polygon.

And for the future to build a swap from Polygon NEX to Neo NEX. I think with the rising fees the NASH Team should to everything to bypass the ETH Network until they solve the fee problem in the Future.

Thanks for you hard work :slight_smile:


My sister today wanted to buy some NEX, she wanted to buy 700 coins, the gas price was $200, she gonna jst hold onto the Eth for now. A lot of people are going to be put off by these high fees, we need the team to find a better way…