Quick question

(Trust Yourselves ) #1

Why does Bakkt have the official twitter verified logo (on twitter) and NEX doesn’t?

Big point: NEX HAS MORE FOLLOWERS THEN BAKKT!! Great to think about

Can we get this logo soon?

Once the question is answered I’ll delete the post.


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(Sean D) #2

There are lots of account without Twitter Verified Account status, even NEO doesn’t have it with 317k followers.

(Carla Paiva) #3

Hi @Trust_Yourselves, we’ve actually contacted Twitter through different channels to get verified (that has been a long process by the way) and although we meet every criteria, they still get to decide whether we get the badge or not - and when.
Twitter verification form is currently closed but we hope they get back to verifying users soon!

(Olu ) #4

Well spotted! Seems really arbitrary that some accounts don’t get verified even when they meet all the criteria. Hope this is sorted out soon enough for NEX :crossed_fingers:t5:

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(Len) #5

Unfortunately verified is something you can’t buy, instagram/twitter both have an annoying waiting list/criteria, and it’s not something that happens overnight… Can take months :sleeping:

(Bunder) #6

Thanks for carlafying this Carla. :grin:

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