Questions on NEX trading and current price

Hi all,

I have a few questions re current state of NEX token and exchange in general:

  1. We have heard about BTC pairs coming to exchange to boost volume. Can someone confirm: when it will happen, what volumes can we expect and how many pairs will be introduced?

  2. ATM NEX token is pretty much untradeable - exchanges either have ridiculously low volume or fake one (bots bouncing trades back and forth). Will team have an imminent solution to this problem?

  3. Apart from the trading volume, is there a plan to boost price more?

Thank you!

  1. You can find information in their quarterly report. BTC should be coming before the end of the year:
  2. Most exchanges may not even trade NEX as it is a security token. The only thing they can do is obtain the license themselves so NEX can be traded on NASH. I believe it is in the pipeline, but I don’t expect to see that in the near future.
  3. The price will only rise if it is being bought. That is not up to the team, that is up to us. If the team can deliver their promises, it will make the token more interesting and people will buy it. Give it time.