Question with regard to registration


Congrats on the amazing presentation and launch of the referral program. Unfortunately the link/code provided doesn’t work, upon trying to register it says my referral code is invalid, could you help me out?

Provided code is as follows: FfSZeV43

In addition, I was wondering if the account under which I register (through the provided code) will automatically be tied to my contribution address and round two KYC?



hey NEOGASRPX, i checked myself for this code and its working very fine for me. maybe some glitch… try logout from the extension. in between sign up using my referral and you will get your own code then,

I don’t want to use anyone else’s referral link as I hope the one provided is tied to my contribution wallet and KYC, meaning I won’t have to go through KYC again, etc.

yes that maybe the case, lets wait for the official reply then. hope it solve soon.

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You can use whatever referral code you want to register your account. It will not have any effect on KYC. New accounts are not yet connected to wallet addresses, since that part of our platform is yet to go live. I’ve checked with @fabwa, who confirms that we are working on a mechanism to map KYC information from the ICO – so stay tuned!

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Great decision. This will really facilitate things for some people who took part in the ICO.

If your looking for a working code, heres mine: 2YnkNv