Question to Nash team: Can I create an unofficial community?

Hello Nash team,

I understand that it is your policy to not run a Telegram community channel due to scammers and bad actors. However, I’d like to create an unofficial Telegram group for Nash traders to discuss the token and other aspects of the platform.

There are thousands of Nash fans out there that don’t engange simply because they don’t use forums, and more specifically because a lot of the Crypto dialogues tend to concentrate around Telegram.

I’m not on here to ask for permission, but I would like your blessing and I would like to be able to tell people about it on here. Would this be fine with you? I run other Telegram groups and therefore have experience and know what’s required to keep it safe and scam-free.

The trader group would have the following characterstics:

  1. Explicity say “unofficial” in the title.
  2. Have an explicit disclaimer in the group description stating that it is no way affiliated with the Nash company and that it is as group chat created by Nash fans and holders for other Nash fans and holders. Regular pinned messages will reiterate these facts.
  3. Stringent measures against spammers and scammers, with pinned messages warning people against engaging with unsolicited messages from unknown users particularly about tokens and token access/transfer.
  4. Regular relaying of Nash social media posts reminding users that Nash have an official community forum and official Twitter feed which they can refer to for authentic Nash updates.

I think it will be healthy for the community, and I am willing to put my time and effort into it in order to make it as clean and safe as possible.

If I create it, am I allowed to mention it on here? I won’t aggressively advertise or anything of that nature.

Thank you.

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I’m not sure if you’re aware but there’s a community run group on telegram that’s been going for around 18 months now. Many of us on the forum are members of it and the team used to stop by from time to time

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hahhaha LoL

Hi there,

We would really like it if the Telegram users who own at least one NEX token join the Community. While we respect those who choose to use Telegram it is not an efficient way of communicating information which is why people don’t always trust Telegram groups. On the Community platform, a user doesn’t need to ask which group the information came from and who can back it up. Sure, a person may miss the highs and lows of Telegram but speaking on behalf of myself, my heart rate is much more stable when I don’t get sucked into Telegram :wink:.

I know that doesn’t answer your question directly :slight_smile:



Hi, can you share the link to the group?

Not sure if appropriate/allowed to share here so I sent you a pm

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I saw, thanks, joined the group