Question regarding staking compliance

Say presently my country is allowed to stake nash tokens for dividends.
Say because of this I staked my tokens.

Now imagine later down the track for whatever reason my country is banned from staking tokens.

What happens to my staked tokens?
Most importantly:

a. Am I still allowed to keep staking and receive dividends since I started staking before the country got banned?


b. I am not allowed to stake. In this scenario what will happen to my staked tokens?
Will nash release them from the staking smart contract so I can access them or what will happen?

bonus question: Why are some countries / why would a country get banned from staking?

In general, globally, legislation is not retroactive. Meaning: a change in legislation today doesn’t change the legality of past actions.

Example: if smoking is deemed illegal, there couldn’t be a process to someone that smoked in the past.

So this means your stakes would likely remain unchanged and you would continue to receive it’s corresponding dividends.


AKA stake for 2 years and you don’t have to worry about it :laughing:

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