Question on NEX in Wallet to confirm access to Community

(Rory) #1

So I have a question, hopefully with a very simple answer:

I have NEX in my extension wallet which was required to sign up for this community, but I do plan on staking all of it when available. Will that affect my ability to access this community in the future? Or was it only needed as an initial verification for the signup process?

(Samuel Mansfield) #2

Hi Yevin,

Once you have registered for the NEX Community you can log in to the Community irrespective of your NEX balance.

Samuel :nex_logo:

(Nex Megalodon) #3

Your login required the NEX plugin wallet and needs a minimum of 1 NEX.

(Rory) #4

Great, thanks for the confirmation.


extraordinary way to belong to our NEX community through extension, an innovation more than a bright human group in constant development.

(Len) #6

Fabio told us last night @ the event that it’s a way to secure the place and it already makes me feel safe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: