Question January 18, 2019

(Elcontador) #1

Good afternoon team NEX, I would like to know if definitely on January 18 there will only be an update or will it be the launch of the platform?

Thank you!

(Olu ) #2

:rofl::rofl::rofl: What a question.
They have already stated clearly what the meeting is about - “presenting our latest quarterly report”.

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(Nex Chapter) #3

Like @Olu said… they could not have made it any clearer! :slight_smile:
With that said, I am looking forward to the update and hearing the latest quarterly report!

(Jump Around) #4

With that being said, if there is anything they can announce regarding a launch, then I am sure it will be mentioned. However, I still think prior to Devcon should be the new goal.

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(Crypt On The Beat) #5

Yes Devcon could be a great time to launch

(Seidler) #6

If you guys missed this, great things ahead.

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Which subreddit is this?

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