Question for Nex team: What is your point of view on Craig Wright and BTC SV?

(Neno) #1

Thank you.

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

Why would you need to ask this.

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(Neno) #3

Was watching couple of presentations from Craig Wright (couple hours long each), where many claims was made, and NEX team is expert in crypto field so I am very interested what they think of it. For example: if all is nonsense ok but if not will NEX team have any cooperation with them etc…

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(Ethan Fast) #4

Don’t mind answering random questions, but can you be a bit more specific? What claims are you referring to?

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(Neno) #5

Sure. Here are 2 claims:

  • lightning network have routing problems that are insurmountable, next year (2019) they will discover mayor flaw and there will not be BTC any more

  • about Bitcoin SV: will make as first version of Bitcoin 0.1 and make it scale as was original intent until Jihan back-stabbed them and force splitting off from BTC, Metanet will replace internet and make it as side chain (there is video on youtube with title “Dr. Craig Wright unveils game-changing Bitcoin project—Metanet”), all world will be on Metanet Network

If that all is true my question would be will that have any impact on NEX token?