Question about Nash Referral Program Giveaway Terms and Conditions


The Terms of the Referral Program Giveaway says:

"For a ticket to be activated, the person who generated it must place an order of
any kind on the Nash Exchange."

Does this mean you can put it and cancel it right after? Or should you fulfill it?

I just made a small trade filled not more then $3,- and the ticket was activated also make sure the total of funds is more then $25,-so minimal one trade is necessary .that’s it also tell your ticket receivers to start trading at Nash :wink:

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That’s disappointing to hear that people can validate tickets by setting an order and then cancelling it.

That’s not in the spirit of the promotion. I don’t agree with people gaming the system. We’re all in this community to build up this exchange and help make it a success. Not just take without giving back. The promotion is designed to encourage people to use the exchange and bring in volume.

Nash should change the validation criteria here to make it any filled order > $1.

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Sorry, hope you don’t blame me for it :slight_smile:

Every roadblock we introduce make it more complicated, the referral program is there not only to encourage trading but to encourage learning. By having people try the minimal features we hope they stay because the product is great, because they realize that they don’t have to trust someone else with their funds to trade with great performance.