Question about buying NEX tokens on other exchanges


After some searching, I still found no conclusive answer to my question regarding purchased NEX tokens on TOKOK or Aphelion.

Regardless of whether these exchanges can trade security tokens or not. Is there any chance/risk that these tokens will get flagged by the NASH team with the result that they can not be used to stake or be resold later on on the NASH exchange?

It would be great if someone from the NASH team could answer this question.

Thanks! (P.S. Can’t wait to buy on our own exchange! :wink: )


This video should help you answer some of your questions.

Regardless of where you bought your tokens (OTC, dodgy exchanges), as long as you complete the necessary KYC, you are good to stake and resell.

Thanks to @CryptoMange for cutting/cropping this video


Thank you Peter!

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You’re welcome!