Question 99% BTC Q4 2019


I just want to know how you feel about saying this and not complying, how do you see your team right now? They finally thought they had something and didn’t have it?

Can we think that finally the cross-chain with BTC and contracts really do not exist and did they have to redesign a protocol?

I don’t know how to program, but I know how far I can go with something, do you really know?

Do you think BTC pairs will be available at some time?

Thank you!

It will come before January end 2020. No source, but just a feeling. Also, even if BTC is there do not expect much volume that I can assure you. There are other things that needs to be resolved first for masses to trade on the current platform.

Like everything in like nothing is guaranteed. Keep in mind there’s a reason no other DEX has true BTC trading they’re bound to have some things to work through even after 99% anticipation. Obviously BTC pairs will be available soon, they wouldn’t have been working on it this long as say its close if they weren’t truly close. I’d just let the team work and deliver when they can.

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i think january is too optimistic. i reckon we’ll see bitcoin towards the end of the first quarter, so probably around march.

Well if anything, the past should have taught that you hardly can rely on the time expectations given by the team. So in my opinion asking for updated timelines leads to nothing but potential further disappointment.
“when ready” is the only accurate answer, if we like it or not.


People like to stomp their feet and argue ‘when ready’ isn’t good enough, but realistically it’s the only way to gauge the timeline of a product. This is an incredibly dynamic landscape, and anyone who thinks concrete ETAs can be given – and held – are kinda sorta off their rockers. Or just don’t really understand the scene.


Ready when ready :sunglasses:


i agree with @JustUS and @pplvee. nash is entering new territory and the opening release of bitcoin trading needs to be polished. being cautious with new tech is vital, especially when dealing with people’s funds.

the introduction of the newly designed ui along with bitcoin trading will compliment each other well. there is plenty to be excited for in the coming months.

Ready when ready :innocent:

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The team and I feel great. On any complex engineering project having a <10% delay from initial projection is an amazing feat. When you include all the legal and innovation factors of this space it is just a gigantic statement of the team’s product capacity.

We raised capital 6 months later than planned and delivered with only 2 months of delay a non-custodial cross-chain trading exchange. No other exchange has such sophisticated technology. Just place an order of NEO-ETH in Nash and then try to do the same in any other to see the difference, you either will be trading against a fixed price in a slow trade (atomic swap) or you will be in a centralized exchange not trading anything besides numbers in their database.

Bitcoin trading is being worked for almost a year now, starting from research to specification, now implementation and testing. Our estimates of shipping it in Q1 versus the end of Q4 make it a great engineering execution - we are certainly not perfect and have experimented with several tooling and processes changes to improve, but Nash is certainly leading on this.


decided to reject my answer

Damn wish I could haha, eager Canadian ready to trade!