Query for Nash Nerds

Nash being a registered reg d share in USA. If we get an OTF/MTF licence in EEA … along with european broker dealers etc …will Americans be open to purchase the Nash from the “European Exchange” ?

Im making a few presumptions ofcourse … one- that we get europe first

or will we need a separate ATS / broker dealers to let the Americans in ?

same goes for Asian Jurisdictions if Nash is a registered security there


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That crossed my mind a while back when reading Ethan’s security tokens article. Obviously NEX was initially a European security but then registered shortly after with SEC.

Not too sure how these things work, just assuming U.S licenses will be needed. Maybe the team or someone else with actual knowledge can answer :grinning:

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honestly i seem expert at missing anything that comes from Ethan … ill try and dig it up. appreciate the response :+1:

Yeah i think ur 99% prob right :wink: … u would need US … but as a Reg D token … u know their so many legal nuances.

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