Quantum Computing

Is Quantum computing a threat to us… Especially the DEXes as it is not centralised. I never expected we would discuss this :frowning:

That’s the reason why Nash should list QRL. https://theqrl.org/

In short, yes, they use a 12 word recovery seed that can be cracked by a quantum computer. In long, this would also destroy bitcoin, databases, and almost all current encryption systems we have globally. I heard somewhere where they think this is still 10 years away, I expect the blockchain to be long secure by then, would love to hear the thoughts of action from @ethan

Lol. If quantum computing ever becomes a threat to encryption, crypto would be the least of our worries…

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I recommend you all to read this: https://medium.com/altcoin-magazine/quantum-resistant-blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-the-full-analysis-in-seven-parts-part-1-daa211565a68
Quantum threat is real. The question is “when” not “if”.

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yes that will come, together with Cloud Computer. In the future, hardly anybody will have more hardware and will be able to hire these upgrades, but computing power (the computational processes will no longer take place in your own system, but somewhere else - we simply do not have the resources to equip almost all people with pcs). But until then, security has followed suit. just as a pc as we know it will soon no longer exist, so old security systems will not exist anymore.