QuadrigaCX canada and Neutrino coinbase customers looking for new exchange.How are we going to do?

(Chainblock) #1

Hi guys,

Look like we got huge potential to capture huge market Canada and USA because quadrigaCX canada and neutrino coinbase acquisition.
My question: How are we going to do it? we need suggestions:

My suggestion is we need to list strong community based project right now like ELA,QUANT,LTO,NANO,PundiX,HOLOCHAIN,OWN.

(Hatertots) #3

For real though, us Canadians are looking for a good exchange and fiat on ramp (s**tcoin free). I know Nash can deliver as that and I can’t wait.

(Cammofunk) #4

Feeling the hurt from Canada myself, couldn’t agree more.

(Neogasrpx) #5

If any of your Quadriga or Netrino pals need a referral code, they are free to use mine: