Q4 Quarterly Architecture and Security Report Event


(clare s) #1

On Friday 18 January we will be presenting our latest quarterly report in Amsterdam. We’re looking forward to meeting community members in person and sharing our work! The event will be live-streamed for those unable to attend. Tickets are available here: https://nex_quarterly_report.eventbrite.com

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(Basti) #3

Hello Clare, thanks for the announcement of the place. Can you tell us if there will be a small present gift for the visitors? Many of you who are in the community are convinced by NEX, and a large part of them already have what they can financially invest in NEX. If I consider that the event costs 200 €, ticket, hotel, travel. Then I fight with myself if I should invest the money for the event or rather in the nex tokens. Last time you did this great action with the gift bag, and NOS. That has reduced the cost of visitors. It would certainly be happy for every visitor this time, too, if there will be a little recognition.

(clare s) #4

Hi there @Basti ,

Thanks for the message and enthusiasm. We are grateful for every person near and far that are able to make it to our events. Our last event in Amsterdam was a celebration and part of the reason that there was a swag bag. The quarterly report event is a social one but less of a party. We may have some goodies there but, I hope you join us because of our personal approach to our investors. Again, thank you for the note - I look forward to meeting you!

(Crypto King) #5

Ifonly there could also be a meetup here in Africa, I am sure I could attend. Remember Africa in your agenda too. Happy New Year NEX Team and the entire NEX Community. WE LOVE NEX FROM AFRICA


hello @clare, I love the approach with which the NEX team informs us about the developments, I would love to be present in Amsterdam but unfortunately I can not attend because I live in SURAMERICA, but that day January 18 I will be watching the live broadcast As I saw the one that was made in October of last year, I would like you to talk with the other members of the NEX team to see if we could interact live through a private channel or a chat all the members of the community that day so much who will be present at the meeting and those who can not attend for any reason, that way NEX would be in tune that day in various parts of the world, I will be aware of your answer and thanks in advance.
postdata: and in this way the members of the community that can not personally attend the event would have the same opportunity to obtain the benefits that the NEX team may have that day :wink:

(Jump Around) #7

Unless I was very close to the event, I would be taking that money and buying NEX tokens instead. That 300-400 EURO can buy alot of staking dividends in the future.
This is more of an AGM/Quarterly results meeting as opposed to a launch party.

(CryptoUK1) #8

For anyone that’s still thinking about going along, there’s not many tickets left

(Trust Yourselves ) #9

@clare well done with the event. I’ve one question to ask.
Please leave the event video as it stands on YouTube and perhaps rename it '2018 Q4 report ’ .

Its a fantastic idea of having a meet up for every quarterly report, we can see the community grow for each one.

Having each report recorded, correctly titled and available in full on YouTube is great to look back on.

The reason I’m asking this is because the event from Q3 2018 was broken into two videos. Its not as appealing.

Again, well done with the event. See you in April. It will be my first meet up :grinning:

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(mtanev) #11

I expect following sentence in the Q1 '19 report which will come out end of April:

“We have successfully launched the Nash Exchange during Q1 '19!”

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: