Q2 Quarterly Report Event in Boston: Performance and Payments

Dear Community members – we’re pleased to invite you to our Q2 quarterly report event in Boston on Saturday 27 July! We’ll be presenting our work from the quarter and focusing on Performance and Payments.

Space is limited, so you’ll need to reserve tickets to attend the event. Unfortunately, we are not able to livestream the event, but it will be uploaded to YouTube afterwards.

You can find out more, and book your tickets, here:


Great to have the exchange performance discussed at the event, better launch soon to get some stats! :boom:


Why won’t you livestream it though? Surely they have Internet, right?

Is it a technical issue to not livestream or something else?

We will record and upload the event as soon as possible. We were not satisfied with the providers available and the quality guarantees given the requirements we need to meet from Nash’s side and the venue’s. This may change depending on the situation on the location on the day. We don’t want to have the same issues that we had in London where for example even the best available internet connection has made the quality of the stream below our expectations. We will be live posting from Instagram.


I respect this decision a lot. Losing minutes and thus information from the livestream in London was a setback, so this is a great solution :ok_hand:


Can we have community to help live stream it as unofficial live stream? Surely you dont mind? Maybe we can gather some volunteers here?(if we can find them) :slight_smile:

Wish I could go to these events but they will never be near where I live! Haha

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Really no point, the video will be uploaded to their YouTube channel right after the event so you just have to wait a little longer for quality content.

Too excited for nash…


Ya me too, it’ll be nice to have an exchange people trust for once, could spread like wildfire.

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Fully agree on this :slight_smile:

same same, can’t sleep anymore :pleading_face:


I hope livestream will be available. I attended the London Q1 event and it was awesome.


They said in the post that it won’t be available live, but a recording of the event will be uploaded to their YouTube channel afterwords.

good idea :slight_smile: most of us are excited and sad to miss a live even. I understand concerns from nash side on the performance of the live stream, but an unofficial stream with a warning of delays / drop might not be a bad idea. I believe recording a live stream is not that expensive any more , a smart phone will do the job.

They’ll livestream via Instagram Stories :+1:

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nice , thanks

@carla similar to questions collected for previous events, is nash considering to collect questions from community :slight_smile: I guess most of us would love to be at these events once we start earning staking rewards :blush: but you can expect most of the questions will be when launch :smile:

Hi @carla, my question from Q1 made it into the meeting (see pic below!) but I don’t think the answer made it into the livestream event video. So, here it is again:

“Will Nash be planning any events in Asia this year or next year ? (Singapore / Hong Kong / Bangkok ? )”

thank you + looking fwd to 27th