Q1 2020 Quarterly Report: Post your AMA questions here!

How does the team want us to advertise BTC trading on Nash to BTC users? Do you want us to say decentralized or non-custodial (lots of people have a problem with the word use of DEX). Do you want us to say Nash is the first to do so? It would help with spreading the word about Nash and attracting new users.


yeah that makes sense. the fact is there are huge benefits to be reapt from lightning fast transferring of funds, both for the exchange (it increases volumes) and customers (especially for arbitrage purposes).

Any inroads being made in SA ? India ?

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Nash Pay question.

I’m building an online store and would like to accept bitcoin and others.

  • Can you share a rough time horizon on when merchants will be able to use Nash pay in their stores?
  • Same question for Shopify integration.

Any timeline on when it would be possible to reset 2FA using 12 words ?

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  1. Now that Bitcoin trading is finally here (great job btw) when can we expect to see popular Bitcoin forks like Litecoin, Dash and BCash etc?

  2. It was mentioned that there would be a button that would convert accumulated dividends to a single asset with one click. Is this something that is currently being worked on or should we not expect it for a while?


How is the progress for additional security measures?
This post was linked in telegram earlier:

The password authentication is quite secure already as its locally stored and decrypted, and f2a codes expire quite fast, but some people would like even more additions.



Are there plans for creating custodial solutions for the funds?

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will we be ready for the next bull run if it happens ?
May time … after the halving block 630k

I was wondering if you could tell the community how many users are registrered at nash platform so far?. thx :slight_smile:


How you going to maintain privacy of Payments ?
Zether looked interesting but prohibitive gas fees

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Will every upgrade in the future require a downtime and use of the Maintenance screen?

Trading is limited today and so is the impact of an interruption of trading. But when volume and numbers of daily trades grows significantly, it could become problematic.


An export feature of trading history was available at some point in the sandbox.

Is it planned for release in the near future and do you have plans to make it available through the API?


Nashers will soon be able to send / receive directly from their trading account.
That’s basically nash’s own version of the lightning network :slight_smile:
It will take care of the privacy issues at the same time ^^


seriously? have they published anything on the subject? tryin to envision how it works

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 22.21.41


it’s a secret x)

Guys, this is a thread for AMA questions, not random chatting.


Are there any plans to list nex on a licensed securities exchange like tZERO?