Python API - Deposit & Withdrawal

Hi Nash-Team,

i wanted to create an Bot for the Nash-Exchange but unfortunately I couldn’t find the option in the API to Deposit or Withdrawal Assets from the NEO/ETH address to the contract.
Is there a possibiity to send assets automatically with Python Code?

Kind Regards

Hi Camora,

Tom answered this question during the last Q&A.

In other words, you should not use the current Python SDK (@localhuman it might be interesting to mark it as deprecated right now so as to discourage newcomers building on it?) but wait for the team’s next release of a Rust SDK which will compile into - amongst others - Python.

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Thank you for the information!
I just watched the Q&A and as far as I understood only the deposit and withdrawal functions are not yet implemented.
Other than that, is it safe to use the Python API with the reduced functions? - Since my other bots work on Python, I would rather use python instead of typescript.

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I think it would be safer to wait for Nash team’s update on the matter.

As far as I know the current Python SDK doesn’t support MPC api keys, so it’s only email/password for authentication and it requires that you deactivate 2FA on the trading account.

I guess you could start experiencing, but I would wait for anything serious.