interview with Fabio


By the way, I find these interviews through a periodical “Fabio Canesin” Google search, they are not proactively shared by the team, how about we create a sticky and have the team update it with new publications? Great opportunity for us to spread awareness on various channels…


Great ariticle

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There’s more to content marketing than just sharing an article as soon as it is available. The main goal of working with publications is to gain exposure among their readers and public, not necessarily to promote among people who follow us already. We have an internal schedule for the frequency and time that we share news published about Nash. This is often shortly after the time of publication, if we find it reasonable.


You guys are doing great with the releases. So far we have:

  1. Finance Magnates - Fabio quote
  2. Innovation Tab - Fabio quote
  3. - interview/sneak peek with Kai ; I don’t like Roger Ver, but I’ll take the million unique visitors on the site
  4. - article on Nash platform and interview with Fabio (this website claims to be #1 for the payments industry by traffic and the premier source of information about “What’s Next” in payments and commerce)

All these quotes/interviews help establish the team/company as leaders and pioneers of blockchain innovation. The market verticals these publications address completely align with the Nash vision:

  • Global trading (FM)
  • Finance (Forbes)
  • Crypto (
  • Payments (PYMNTS)