Public insult of a fellow Nasher. It is an insult of we as a community. Please support!

Somebody has publicly ridculed by brethren Nasher. I want all of you stand up for my brother Nasher by liking this tweet, so that we can teach the arrogant a lesson.

Lets show we are more powerful than his small brain.

Being a millonaire does not give him a right to ridicule people, and certainly not a brother Nasher.

It should have more like than philakone crypto.

Please stand by me.


While I admire your spirit, this isn’t something worth casting stones over in my opinion. There is going to be a lot of this as we grow and we push into peoples space that is occupied with other exchange preferences.


Rest of convo…

I have never heard of this person, but already he might be the most obnoxious, self-involved loser I’ve ever seen. And comments from followers…

I make millions and you have to pitch LMFAO, the GOAT for a reason

God. Somebody end me.

How awkward will it be if Nash achieves what they’ve set out to build, and this guy ends up using our products. Can this be archived in case?

Regardless, @beefrog and @Oldsport hit the nail on the head. Expect rejection. Expect it 9 times out of 10, because this market isn’t mature. Very few people are willing to listen – they want to be like this Philak guy shouting into their megaphones. Some rejection will be harsh, like this example. The point being is to brush it off and continue on with well-written, informative messages. Every time that 1 person in 10 listens and joins, it’s more likely the others will follow suit. Those who rejected at first will most likely join when a tipping point occurs.

Cheers @Oldsport, you’re an absolute boon to this project. Thanks for doing what you do around here.


Damn someone has ego issues… I don’t even know this guy but due to his attitude I already despise him.


The best part of this thread is the nostalgia it will provide when we look back in a few years and laugh a deep laugh at this type of stuff :slight_smile:

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Haters gonna hate and we gonna get a lot more of this as time goes by, its part of growing up on this space …

No need to feed the trolls