Public Beta Vs Private Beta: Clear the Confusion

(Rahil) #1

On 31st of March the exchange will launch as Public Beta, which means you do not need and invite for that, all community members and people of who signed-up through your referral code can login and start using the ‘Public Beta Exchange’

Private Beta is already underway and people have already been invited as we speak. (Select few, to test out the exchange before Public beta launch)

Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

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(CryptoUK1) #2

Fabio’s post explains the process going forward

(Rahil) #3

That is in ref to private beta testing and not for Public Beta Launch of 31st March

(CryptoUK1) #4

It’s referring to the upcoming beta launch. Note the “not under NDA”

(Alex) #5

Yes its all very confusing. I thought API specs and listing requirement would have been out by now …

Public béta, Private béta, Launch, MVP Lauch,…
Each time the team changes the deliverables, some new name and timeline pops up.
Its all signs we are rushing things imao.

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(Ikbinruig) #6

I kinda agree, the earlier impressions I got were that Q1 would be MVP launch. Then at NEO Devcon the impression I got was open beta on 31st of March. Ofcourse things can change due to unforeseen circumstances, but I would prefer openness and transparancy about it. Now it is a little bit confusing in my opinion.

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(Real Nex Man) #7

I am also confused if I am honest in all these ‘‘Beta’’ . Let me add another query to this. If public beta testing will be for real trading ( real money) or just with fake credits ?

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(Ishq Ishq) #8

I asked the same question but did not get a reply.
See post

May be if @canesin can answer, i know he is really busy to meet the 31 March deadline :slight_smile:

(Rory) #9

You guys are all freaking out over nothing…they didn’t change the name or change the targets etc. If you did not get contacted about the private testing then you simply were not selected. Those who were likely had to sign NDAs and cannot talk about it. They never stated it would be open beta, they always said it would be for community members.

Let me try to bring some clarity to what’s coming on the 31st (this is all from information team members have said on this forum):

  • They will open up the community beta for testing on the 31st.
  • Not everyone will get access on that day. They will increase the number of community members over the coming weeks.
  • They will be updating the exchange on an ongoing basis based on the feedback and testing from those in the beta.
  • This will initially not settle on-chain (but on testnets). They will switch to on-chain settling during the last phase of the community beta.
  • Following this last phase, they will undergo a thorough security review.
  • After all of that is complete, they will open up to the general public.

Hope that clarifies it for you. If there’s more info you need, then perhaps they just haven’t decided to declare that yet. I imagine we’ll see an announcement post closer to the 31st that has more details on how things will work.

(FCC) #10

@Yevin yes, I have been across different communication vehicles clarifying, and even on DevCon we stated multiple times it was for the community. Issue is:

  • some people profit from spreading miss information.

There is one beta: Community beta. The initial set of people will undergo repeated interviews, since we will share future work those are under NDA. The remainder of the community will not be under NDA. Wait for information on 31.