Tandem here. its an old topic but i feel its necessary to bring it up to the topic from different community-members.

on one hand we all know, that you are busy as hell, on the other hand it would be a pleasure to see one team-member just 10-15min a day on telegram.
and yes at the end there will be the same questions every day but thats only at the beginning… i saw multiple communities helping people and the important stuff went to the team-member. at the end, 10-15min are enough. at the end there where no questions only talking with the team.
hi. is the team going well? yes no oh birthday! happy birthday… ok guys see you tommorow same time. ah ok a techi-question… tomorrow fabio will give you the joy to answer etc.

@canesin did it before. it was at the beginning… i think you should do it again… =)
just a thought.

have a nice day :wink:

Irresponsible use of time and resources, imo. There was no allotment of ICO funds for ‘babysitting’. I think Fabio’s presence here is adequate. They’re in heavy development mode, I don’t really see a need for a daily check-in.


Community is no longer important. They are sure once BTC is out all problems will be solved. At least you did get best in class UI/UX (if you are as smart as them to know that it is the best UI)

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already flagged this as a issue, and got a team response.
see here: