Presence of founders, open questions

Hi, to whom it may concern…

It’s indeed a bit quiet in here. I have observed the transition from the quarterly calls with the 4 (5?) founders to the 4y anniversary photo posted by Kellogg on the Twitter - and no faces of Ethan, Fabio, Fabian… (Or did I just not recognize them? Are they on the other page?)

I have been through organizational transformations before. When I see the picture above, I feel a bit saddened at the absence of the founding team “in the media” and in the absence of dialogue, and also some questions arise about their current role. Finally, I wonder about what the future plans are (besides the bank accounts in Q3 and other deliverables).

May I ask : When / if there will be more extensive communication between the current organization and us as “first investors” (and first security holders!)?

What are the roles of the founders?

Could you communicate about the current plans for Nash, beyond the technical details?

Or is the position now to “sit tight, wait for series A, and move on”?

Thanks for your time and feedback. Serious questions, I know, and I hope it doesn’t come across poorly. I think some straight clarity would be great!

Been here since crowdsale, staking since day 1. (by this I would like to signal that I am not a newbie fudster).

Thanks and take care

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I presume you are talking about Kellogg’s Twitter photo so let me comment on that briefly. You can see at least two of the founders on that photo (Luciano and Thomas). One person could be Fabian but I am not sure.

You can also see that this screen is 1/2 screen so I would assume that the rest of the founders are on the next screen.

One other thing worth pointing out considering your concerns is that none of the founders sold their Nex (500K per founder), most of them actually bought more.

I am not saying everything is perfect since after 2 years online Nash hasn’t delivered (so far) and the community management has seen some very dubious admin decisions, but there is still much hope for the project and it would be wrong to assume that any of the original founders left the project (to the best of my knowledge).

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Ah I think you are confused. They don’t work for Nash. They work for Elrond and have done for some time. :rofl:
Jokes aside. I am also missing the quarterly reports and seeing their keen little faces trying to build out their dreams. I think we are all now looking forwards to some sort of AMA.
The company has made a major change in direction and it will be interesting to see how this direction change is taking shape.


Garda is correct that the picture has only half the team and at least two founders. Everyone is still very much involved.

Having said that, we also have a new management team with extensive business experience who are working on and already partly acting on a new, more customer-centric strategy. This is why several team members were in Amsterdam this week, carrying out in-person meetings and workshops.

We also hear your call for more communication. This is the reason why we had a meeting with the Dutch community while people were in Amsterdam. We intend to build out the relationship and involve the community more in developing and testing new products and features. We will also be carrying out a lot more publicity in coming months.


btw, the new management team is also keen to rejuvenate our relationship with the community. There are already more meetings being set up to arrange working groups with the ambassadors and the core business team. Shifting towards more experienced business management certainly doesn’t mean community will be shut out.


Hi Chris,

Thanks, I think you got the gist of what I was saying. Looking forward to news soon.

And as Stoaty pointed out: yeah, we miss the quarterly reports and especially seeing keen faces. In many countries they have loosened the covid lockdowns - I hope Nash will open up again soon too.

Take care and thanks!

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Thanks @chris.fenwick ,

It seems that the latest communication on the blog addresses many of my points above.

I don’t remember off hand what % the funding from the ICO was initially, nor which conditions were given in terms of voting rights, information rights (I think only revenue sharing).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the salaries of the current management & team is at least partially being funded through the runway of ICO funds.

I hope that the "stake"holders will in coming weeks be seen as a group of stakeholders in this company. When I read some of the replies from “ambassadors” who are the spokespeople from the company we invested in this thread… smh. Nice to see @canesin, gentle and friendly as always. I hope he sees this thread and chimes in.

I hope that the new management will invest more time in informing (possibility to sit in a company call? Q&A?) the community, perhaps a bit more thoroughly than just the public blog.

In any case, looking forward to the coming steps for Nash - although the opportunity costs have been hefty. But it’s not only about the money, right?

Take care!

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