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Dear Team,

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to offer a pre-registration, just like Binance did? This would prevent that the userbase at launch will purely rely on the early backers.

My suggestion would be: Send out a “pressrelease” about what NEX is going to offer very soon, in dummy language ofcourse and offer a pre-registration. Once we go live, send out an e-mail with “We are live blablabla”.

It’s just a small effort, but could help NEX to have a great kickstart. You don’t have to show anything during the sign-up.

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I was about to post for this lol

I would like to add that we could also start staking kyc and trading accounts tier verification days before we go live so we don’t have guys complaining about delays etc :slight_smile: @canesin

(Carla Paiva) #3

We’ve already designed a launch program that includes a pre registration step. The program has been internally presented, iterated and is currently under implementation.

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With reference to marketing strategic Ideas kindly view this Guideline from @canesin

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Carla, this is very good news!

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