Potential Nash Pay merchants

I know paying with cryptocurrency is a sore spot for many people. We still aren’t keen on it due to the wild price fluctuations in crypto, but as USDC and USDT become more and more prevalent I think we’ll see a greater move towards cryptopayments.

Of all companies that could be interested in integrating crypto payments, I could see Tesla opting for it. If they’re given a robust, foolproof, and quick way for customers to pay with crypto (and have it instantly converted), I think they’d be open to leading the pack in this regard.

I don’t know the numbers, but I’m guessing there aren’t enough people using/buying crypto right now to make it worth Tesla’s time. In the future though? Why not!

Just for fun, watch the short video – can’t you just imagine a Nash Pay button when the man selects “add a payment method”?

Any other tech-forward companies out there that we think would benefit from, and be eager to use, Nash Pay?


Hoping one day my NEX investment will allow me to get a Tesla :slight_smile:. Honestly I agree with you, Tesla I could see being on board with it. All we have to do is add Dogecoin as a payment option and Elon will be all over it! Haha