Potential Nash Pay merchants

I know paying with cryptocurrency is a sore spot for many people. We still aren’t keen on it due to the wild price fluctuations in crypto, but as USDC and USDT become more and more prevalent I think we’ll see a greater move towards cryptopayments.

Of all companies that could be interested in integrating crypto payments, I could see Tesla opting for it. If they’re given a robust, foolproof, and quick way for customers to pay with crypto (and have it instantly converted), I think they’d be open to leading the pack in this regard.

I don’t know the numbers, but I’m guessing there aren’t enough people using/buying crypto right now to make it worth Tesla’s time. In the future though? Why not!

Just for fun, watch the short video – can’t you just imagine a Nash Pay button when the man selects “add a payment method”?

Any other tech-forward companies out there that we think would benefit from, and be eager to use, Nash Pay?


Hoping one day my NEX investment will allow me to get a Tesla :slight_smile:. Honestly I agree with you, Tesla I could see being on board with it. All we have to do is add Dogecoin as a payment option and Elon will be all over it! Haha




If Elon knew about Nash Link he would be very interested. Maybe Kellogg has some contacts that could reach him.

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At this point we can’t even suggest NL to Elon since NL is not offered in the States. Though EU branches could possibly use it.

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I have no idea what it takes to get Nash Link on the radar of Tesla but I hope someone from Nash is trying! Reach out to their B2B or something. They’ve expressed an interest in accepting Bitcoin and if Nash Link could be one of the payment methods for EU customers it would be huge!