Post-launch updates

I recently came across this report by Kyber Network and was pretty impressed. Not so much because of the information given, but that it was even provided in the first place. It’s a pretty solid way of giving formal updates to holders, as well as an organized and cohesive place for newbies to learn about the project.

Another example of going above and beyond what’s required is CoinGecko’s recent Q2 Report.

Post-launch, are there plans for Nash to provide these types of updates? On top of this, one thing I really love about Nash – and something you don’t see too often in the cryptosphere – are the live quarterly updates. Will these continue post-launch? Maybe semi-annually? Annually? Regardless of when they’d take place, I think they’re a really great way of spreading Nash. I’m sure most people here in the community are champing at the bit to watch them whenever they’re aired.

P.S please host a live update in Toronto someday! :sunglasses:


Hi @pplvee we already have written quarterly reports also (, and we surely will include ecosystem and operations after we are live. We will continue to do the events, we may shift for semi-annually (still undecided - depends on how big the events become) but no less frequent than that.

P.S. Toronto on summer sounds lovely!

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Semi annually sounds great Fabio, and later once even more established annually would do, like Google IO etc.