Possible to follow EOS's lead with a physical key?

Hi there, I watched the big announcement eos released a few days ago and during it they told the community they have a custom usb encryption stick that people will use to protect their funds, is it possible for the nash team to roll out there own at some point since the ledger is not accommodating? I do fear to stake a large % of my tokens because they would be in a hot wallet. Just curious if this is possible or what the next potential steps in this direction will be.

If you stake your token you need no have fear because they are not in a hot wallet. They are trapped in a smart contract and nobody can get there :wink:

In between staking contracts the nex is vulnerable, also potential other attacks would be possible too if the users pc gets compromised.

But then the attacker but would have to be damn fast. As soon as my NEX Token leave the smart contract, they walk on my ledger or are re-staked.

And besides, fabio has already said that in the future a kind of hadware wallet will come or that maybe ledger will be supported.

Relying on you being faster than the attacker is not what I want for ease of mind, curious about the second part of your post, hopefully a team member comments.

Also, you have to picture the older demographic with poor security practices to be safe, as only hardware would provide this I believe. You have to have this vision in mind if you’re going for mass adoption long-term.

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Just a little bit in the forum search then you will find it. There should be more comments but I have no desire to continue to search …

I just want to know if they’ve been influenced by eos’s hardware move, i stated already ledger doesn’t support nash exchange.

I can not understand your thoughts. It was already said everything on the subject what could come in the future …

It is possible eos found a solution that can enable nash exchange to use their own custom hardware authentication device programmed for their exchange extension. I am asking the team if they have been influenced by eos’s recent move, and if not, are there any thoughts in how they’ll be moving forward with potential hardware devices.

I give up :zipper_mouth_face:


Just thought that maybe the company that built eos a custom hardware device could help you guys make one if you reached out. \_0_/

Worth asking. :slight_smile:

My AI tells me we will see many propositions for keymanagement in the future.
If you too want to be working on this from the right angle; consider taking a look at the Neuralink open job positions and apply for a job there:

We are looking for exceptional engineers and scientists. No neuroscience experience is required: talent and drive matter far more. We expect most of our team to come from other areas and industries.

We are primarily looking for evidence of exceptional ability and a track record of building things that work.


Is that really what you want? a custom hardware device for each chain? That’s a step in the wrong direction

That’s not at all what I’m asking them.

This thread exhausted me, I know the team is working hard on solutions, just thought I’d ask what their take is on eos’s approach and if it’s a possible solution. No disrespect meant, pure curiosity.

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Sorry but sounds exactly what you asked for here

I mentioned nothing about a separate device for each chain, it would grant permission to the matching engine and/or extension authentication. The team has stated that it is not yet possible but they know how to do it, was wondering if this company that built one for eos could do that same for nash, not sure why all the confusion.