Possible Products future

Hello team, here I bring two ideas that I have been around for a while and maybe the Nash team can carry it out.

  1. Inheritance security in savings
    It would be ideal to add a proof of life option to the savings contracts, let’s say that I deposit funds in cryptos in Nash on a monthly basis, but die in an accident or suddenly, my family will not have access to those funds if they do not have my access to Nash .

With the proof of life option I am obliged to confirm from time to time that I am alive, if I do not respond to the messages the funds are blocked and transferred to an inherited account, that is, to another designated user within Nash.

That would add value to the savings product and also double the number of users, that is, I should open an account for my wife so that she can inherit my funds.

  1. Scrow of agreements between people
    People reach an agreement and the contractor generates a guarantee payment according to a written and signed contract, the contractor externalizes the funds to a scrow account and keeps a key to release funds when the work is completed.

It would work like Fiverr but it would be used for contracts with large companies and firms, imagine that we hire someone to make a building and the payments are released according to the progress of the work.

Well I’ll leave it here, just ideas for the future maybe.

Come on Nash, we must be the best, we are not far from it, success is just around the corner.



I think it’s pretty easy to do and it’s a way for nash to stand out from the competition!


I really like those ideas and it brought me to another (note sure if you meant this with your second one, but I understand your second idea otherwise):

Escrow services
Why not provide escrow services for anyone? A simple to use interface could be implemented to create a small contract like: Person A sends COINABC to NashEscrow and Person B sends COINXYZ to NashEscrow. If both coins got transferred and meet the criteria (amount) both persons agreed to, the service will transfer the coins to the wallet of the other person. This will cost a small fee that will get handled like trading etc to create dividends for stakers.
May the contract criteria not being met within a certain time, NashEscrows sends the coins back to their owner.


Good idea!

Great suggestions! Could some of these be made as community dApps on Nash?