Possibility to launch circuit card?

Is there a possibility that you’re going to put a card, as visa or mastercard, beside nashpay? Personally i don’t think can use the QR code in a short time due to the adoption by the merchants, so it would have been convenient to have a card in the meantime. In my opinion, by launching a card you will also attract much more users being Nash non custodial.

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I second this opinion!
Is this possible team? Knowing it is harder to pull of.


Using a card is one of the holy Grails of crypto… One day

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They’ve said not in the past, but maybe the opinion may change. I think really the ideal situation would be to able to use your mobile phone at the point of payment vs issuing a card which by its very nature has to run through the traditional banking/payment processing system.

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Crypto.com said to launch cards tied to non custodial accounts (they didnt have this for a long time but apparantly will)
So yeah, having one with nash would be epic!

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even for me the best thing is to use the phone, the problem is that to date at least in my country nobody accepts nash pay … and I think it will be like this for a long time yet. If they don’t put in an already popular payment method most people will never use nash for paying. People who immediately need a wallet associated with a card will pour into wirex, coinbase etc. etc.

I feel like paying with your smartphone is a more promising bet, probably easier to implement for Nash team too. And since most smartphones have NFC technology, it should be widely compatible as well!


smartphone payments could become big, but are not nearly as adopted as credit/debit cards. Only in china QR code payments are king.
And dont forget that NFC is just near field communicating. not a compatibility guarantee. If your phone has NFC it doesn’t mean it can use google pay/apple pay/samsung pay etc. Same for Nash Pay. Merchants have to support it, and that won’t be easy.