Portfolio page is kind of annoying?

Is it just me or is the portfolio page kind of annoying how you have to flick through the pages rather than have them all on one page in a list?

I dont know about the rest of you but id rather just scroll to look over them all as it seems quicker and easier than going through pages (yes only 2 pages at the moment but when there is more added it will be more pages)

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FYI you can make use of the ‘eye’ in the top right to hide the value of your funds for future reference.


I agree. It’s an outdated style and annoying.

This page should just be an endless scroll of assets within that box. However, the funds manager section above should always stay at the top.

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I honestly think this UI is fine: with a long list on a single page, you’d be using the search feature anyway. However, what’s giving this impression is the low number of tokens per page.

Increase it to 25 or more and I guarantee no one will ever complaint. It’s a quickwin :smirk:


It’s only a problem if you hold >10 assets as part of your portfolio and want them all visible, otherwise you can use the search just fine.

Perhaps replace the page number with (or add) the option to view “10 / 25 / 50 / 100, etc.” assets per page.

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Oh of course lol i totally forgot.