Portfolio doesn't show any NEX

My portfolio doesn’t show any NEX balance. Both the staked NEX and the available NEX.

What about you guys? Same problem?

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It’s working for me.

Thanks for letting me know. Strange.

Try to search for it. Maybe it’s on the second page because of your staking rewards.

The right amount is in the Portfolio breakdown list but without any value… so the total portfolio value is off… I thought it would be some kind of API issue but yours is ok so… ?

Yes, my NEX is $0.

I assume you have NEX? So it’s an overall issue…

That can be an issue for the lottery.

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Yes, I do. Along with other assets (with a $ value).
P.S. contacted support.

It seems to me like a bad joke. Tomorrow is the lottery draw and suddenly my portfolio shows $ 0 even though I have several thousand dollars worth of coins on the platform.

It would be very nice if someone looked at it from the team and fixed it. As it seems, only prices from NEO, ETH and GAS are displayed. BTC and NEX are deposited with $ 0.

And honestly, something like that must not happen. After all, you don’t want customers who get a shock when they see their portfolio. This is an absolute no-go


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Same here.

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My account portfolio has gone from several thousand $ to $12 … This has to be some kind of joke right?

The ticket draw is tomorrow and now i dont have $25 portfolio :rage:

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It might be a temporary consequence of preparing for the lottery. I’m sure they’ll fix this before the lottery. Now that we’ve raised this, let’s trust them to fix it in due time :slight_smile:

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I highly doubt this is anything to be concerned about. Nash wouldn’t allow this bug to remove thousands of participants from the draw. They’ve been so transparent up to this point, this will be solved.

Enjoy the Holidays!

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Mine is not showing too. I got 1000 staked bit the balance is 0 ?. Am i gonna be valid for the lottery

Update from the support: “There currently is an issue getting the USD value from the Coinmarketcap API. We are looking into it and will deploy a fix ASAP.
We will perform the lottery draw after this issue has been solved.”


Seems this issue is now solved, my portfolio is now showing the correct value.

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Yes, now ETH value is correct too (it was $190).