Poor assigment of design swag compettition - clarification needed

with the design of swag running I’m very confused what is the right submission. I’ll use this

as an example…

There are certain rules on the web which are making big constraints of what is possible and what is not. This hoodie won’t be possible to achieve with those restrictions. Hoodie has only front and back side with ~30x30cm area… aka no blue bubbles nor anything on sleeves…

My question is: Will there be any review from Nash side and only those designs following rules stay for voting? I made my 2 designs with respect of rules but obviously mine are less extravagant because of constraints. Knowing I can make any design I want I would definitelly make updates…

Please clarify so I can submit mine, thx

btw… most of designs done so far are not following rules…


Designs that don’t follow the rules will be invalid @lukaskorba!

This is a usual problem with visual design, it is easy to mock and create something in digital form but manufacturing is a different history - the restrictions exist because we need to create the physical item.


yep, I’m definity with you… that’s why I’ve followed the table with constraints :slight_smile: Otherwise I can be very wild when designing swag :smiley:

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@lukaskorba thanks for your helpful feedback! Nash is proud to use Printful as our fulfillment source and will continue to do so. Here is the link to a mockup generator for Printful where you can create freely within the guidelines.

The folks who have not followed the restrictions will be notified and their submission will not be accepted as indicated in the rules. Hopefully this provides clarity.

Thanks again,



thx Clare! that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for


hi fabio, i will participate, i have already created a design, but i will need to send several files,
it seems that we can only send one file, how should I proceed, thank you

@ill you can create a single image with all the subimages of each entry.

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@ill and I had a chat about this and he is good to go!


Maybe it’s better, to let all the people make a good design, visual design or not.

And later on, there will be a pro visual designer of the Nash Team, who has the skills to make it all good, on a T-shirt, hoodie, socks and underwear.


@bunder it is not required to show the design on a specific piece of apparel/item though the product specifications and mockup generator are helpful tools for people. It can be easier for people to imagine the design if it is on a mockup. Either way is fine though.

Your design must be able to transfer onto merchandise like mugs, hats and shirts and follow merchandise design guidelines for the product(s) you choose to design for.

So essentially don’t create a design that isn’t possible, like using embroidery (unless for a hat), sequin, tie dye or reflective material.

If anyone has questions feel free to reach out and I will work with you to sort whatever it is out.



Hey @clare!

Really looking forward to buying some swag when the store opens.

Just wondering, will you be selling this original NEX flexfit cap?

Would love to buy one.

Hey @IanJ - whoa you really got ahold of some good photos of @Engeluc! That is a great question! I will follow up with the team on whether or not we can use NEX in this way!



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I have added this to the official Telegram group as well.
Earlier the group requested that items be categorized into common product for voting. The team agrees that this is a good and fair idea however this is taking some major manual effort on my end. I am close to being finished but I will not enable voting exactly at 00:00 rather I will wait until I finish this process then open the voting. I will add on the time that was taken after 00:00.

Thanks for the idea and for your understanding.

I will keep you apprised.


Mh, didn’t know that we actually had to put the design on an object as we didn’t have the categorized objects before. Or was I too tired to find that info?

Resulting in this problem for my design:
Voting appearance (ended up in “design category”):

Hoodie appearance:

Well, I guess I am out :smiley:. Good luck to everyone!


@JustUS my apologies - it still did quite well in the votes in fact I think you still receive a Nash kit :slight_smile:

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Is there any possibility of any of the designs that didn’t win being used in future? Surely there must be some the team liked that didn’t get enough votes to win by the community. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything that didn’t win the contest to be rewarded per say, but there were a lot of designs I felt were strong, but there was only a limited amount of winners.

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No worries Clare, all good!
And yes, was surprised that it still got quite a few votes.