[Poll] Who have staked there tokens for 2 years at the time of launch. Given a chance would you do it again now?

  • Yes
  • No

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To be honest it is a bit different for me.
I staked 1/24 of my NEX for 1-24 month at MVP start. Therefore I commit every month again my 1/24 for new 24 month. So I may be in a much longer stake than people “only” staked all their NEX for 24 month at the beginning.
And I will not change this. I will stake for 24 month month by month again.

Same here. Didn’t know what to vote :joy:

I staked for 2 years not expecting huge volume in the beginning so yeah would stake again. Now if I had some science fiction future knowledge to this date exactly how things are going to play out I would use that knowledge to quadruple my stack by this point and then stake for 2 years.


Personally I am very happy with my 24 stake strategy. This is because I will always have 1/24th of my NEX available every month with this strategy, and the amount I get per stake keeps growing as the months go on, I am using these early days to get my stake strategy all set up.

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I had no disillusions that volume would be high early, so I would definitely stake again. My investment strategy is based around a 3 year outlook for a return. If I didn’t stake them, they’d just be sitting there doing nothing anyway.