[POLL] Public Beta Launch is Imminent with limited features. Tell us what are you most excited about?

(Rahil) #1
  • User Interface.
  • Fiat on/off ramps.
  • Trading.
  • NEX token price appreciation.
  • Waiting for full launch.

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(Bunder) #2

Why are you excited about the NEX price appreciation?
NEX is not available to trade on the beta launch. So the price will be normal around 2 á 3 $.

User interface and more about the platform are new things :wink: I think the user interface is the biggest part of the beta launch which can be really good.


(John Nash) #3

Im “most excited” for the fiat trading pairs (think this is the bank license) and license to trade securities.

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(Peter) #4

I’m excited about the payments service and APIs that allow for background exchange without the user needing to be too conscious of executed trades.

This is something that I believe has the potential to bring in ‘enormous’ volume