Poll: How long are you going to stake your nex?

(Dennis) #1
  • 1 ~ 6 Months
  • 6 ~ 12 Months
  • 2 Years
  • More than 2 years
  • Non. I’m going to sell it.

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(Matthijs van den Bosch) #2

Maybe sell a little bit for getting my money back and stake the most of my NEX.

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(Suppoman) #3

I’m going to stake for 20 months. After 20 months, I’m selling 25% of my tokens. The other 75% are staking again!
It’s lights out, all out

(Peter) #4

I’ll be doing it in increments. I’m splitting my holdings into 24 and staking for 1-24 months. As each stake expires, I’ll be renewing each for a period for 24 months. Using this strategy would give me maximum dividends in future but also allow me to access 1/24th of my holdings every month, should I want to sell.

(Mao Mao) #5

this could be the retirement passive income position that many dream of…it depends…if the team can get more high volume tokens up, i wont be selling it. staking it is a smarter way being that crypto will be going towards mass adoption in the future.

(Nashrimpy) #6

definitely more than 2 years

(Suppoman) #7

Hi Peeps,
Yeah, staking for 2 years, minimum!
Lights out all out!

(Kelvin Fugara) #8

for me Until 2030, until I see the 1 billion users. I will appreciate if the auto re-staking option will be available. @canesin @ethan

(Ian J) #9

Here’s a question for the community: Does anyone know why staking requires a lock up period?

Aside from the obvious withdrawal of circulating tokens from the market, what benefit does this bring to the Nash exchange?

Surely NEX account balance and fees could be calculated on a daily without any lock up, however the sliding scale for staking rewards creates an incentive to stake for longer. Why?

(Peter) #10

Apart from the reason you mentioned, I believe it comes down to good token metric design.

It rewards long term investors who believe in the project. The longer you hold, the more you get. Technically you could hold for 2 years without lock up but how would they reward you for the 2 year rate if you can sell at any time?

It makes it easier for everyone involved if you just lock them up in a smart contract. You then get paid the rate you agree to from the beginning.

Those are my thoughts. How would you suggest an alternative staking system work? At what rate would you reward account balances daily?

(Kelvin Fugara) #11

In additional to that, if in assumption 50,000,000NEX out of 50,000,000NEX are staked for 24 months, the 75% dividend of the available exchange fees will be distributed accordingly, meaning all the Fees(75% of Total) will be distributed to token holders holding in total 50,000,000NEX. Now if I staked 1000NEX the formula is as below;


From the above formula we know that;

$100,000,000 is the fees collected
1000 is the amount of token staked by a particular holder

The question is;

Is 50,000,000 the total number of all NEX token(staked+not staked) or the total number tokens staked only???

if 50,000,000 is the total number of all NEX tokens( staked and Not staked) then what happens to the rest of fees collected if for example the total amount all tokens staked in the platform is 1000NEX and it is belonging to one person???

If 50,000,000 is the the total number of token staked, then I dont have any question about this, because I know this only person holding 1000NEX will get all the dividends.

@canesin and @localhuman please give us the key here. thanks

(Trust Yourselves ) #12

Remaining fees go to the company

(Ian J) #13

@BaClaire I think this point has been clarified by the team before.

My understanding is that the formula will use 50,000,000 regardless of how many tokens are staked. Excess fees that are generated but not distributed to staked NEX token holders will go back to the company. They will not be distributed to the NEX token holders.

(Kelvin Fugara) #14

Ok thank you

(Nashrimpy) #15

That is also good for the growth of the Nash Exchange. :nash_token:

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(Kelvin Fugara) #16


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