Please list Elastos,Quant,Holochain has a strong community base. (Excellent marketing)

Guys, let me clear…even a greatest project need marketing…How do we get it?To go with community…These three projest is by far strongest community.(Elastos,quant,Holochain)…Why would I need same told token BAT and all others ? I can use Binance for that because of high volume…it will take atleast year to pick up but if we list Elastos,quant we tap the gold mine…(these two coins does not even have proper listing…)

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i personally like communities from XRP, VECHAIN, LITECOIN, EOS, WANCHAIN, ZILLIQA, NEO, ONT…they have rather strong community base.

I would like to have Nano listed on nash. They have a quite strong and active community.

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+1 for Elastos and Quant :+1:

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These token almost most of the exchange having it…Elastos,quant,Holo…less exchange…

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I think with time we can expect to see all worthwhile chains potentially being listed. Starting with the more established ones, those with the most volume, then maybe work on others

Results from a recent small poll on twitter:

Since nash does not have first-mover advantage as an exchange, I believe that listing tokens that are currently unavailable on major exchanges would attract new users/volume. I imagine that ONG would not be difficult to list since it is associated with a smart contract platform.

Do all projects/tokens that will not be available at launch need to go through an application process, or will nash take it upon themselves to list some tokens (e.g. bitcoin) without a formal request from the project?

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While there’s some value in creating new markets that don’t exist on other exchanges there’s more value in adding assets with the highest liquidity first.

The end goal here is to have the highest possible 30d volume and to do so we’ll need to have the top 25 regardless of what anyone thinks about each project (XRP, BCH, USDT, TRX, etc…). One thing to remember is while there are centralised markets for all of these, there are very few decentralised markets for most of the top 25 BTC included. So I’d say there’s as much if not more advantage in adding markets for the most liquid projects as opposed to ones with the “strongest” communities. (1% of the USDT/BTC market would already put the monthly volume over 1b)


Of course, but for traders that do not stake NEX tokens, there has to be something to motivate them to use nash exchange over other exchanges. For example, Binance seemed to acquire a lot of Bittrex NEO traders when they made the smart decision to distribute GAS. If an investor is eager to trade (e.g.) ELA, QNT, ONG, and nash offers these markets, they may create a nash account for this very reason, but then stick around to trade other tokens on nash simply out of convenience (i.e. one-stop shopping).

it was listed today on Binance, in result of it following happened: 15