Please don't forget about unlimited stakes (or at least 24)

After MVP release there was an issue that only 8 stakes were possible. Now it’s 16.
Please open it up for unlimited stakes or at least 24 before first staking month is over.
If you are able to fix it before 9th of Oct we can jump into our previous planned staking strategy rhythm in Oct.

That would be really great.


That has not been forgotten. A solution actually is already implemented and is in migration testing.


Nice, great job. I Think a lot people want to stake in portions :wink:

to be honest I did not really think you forgot about it :wink:
The topic was more a place for me to point out that it would great to have it before first staking month is over.
I am really happy to hear that we will have it in the next days!
Thanks for all your amazing releases so far.

It has been deployed already… Please check your account !

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The 15/16 info is gone. But there is still the info box


Exactly, when I saw this info box I was not sure whether unlimited staking was actually available. Everything works fine now, I created more than 16 stakes, but this confusing info box should be removed.

Probably because these are push notifications. Once they are sent you will see them until you dismiss them. Just like you receive an email.

No. Dismissing it does not have any effect… Seems to be forgotten to remove.
I am sure it will be gone in one of the next patches.