Planned maintenance

Nash is currently down for routine maintenance. The platform will be back online shortly. Your funds are still under your control via your seed phrase.

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@Wen maintenance is complete.

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I can’t access to my founds portfolio page for days now. Same goes for staking and traidnig.
Is maintenance still in progress ?
I tried to clear my cookies but didn’t help

@tomislav_dzepina maintenance ended on Wednesday (it actually only run for about 1h), when Nash is under maintenance the website shows a message saying so, so should be no doubts when that is the case.

If you have problem accessing the platform please try I just verified our tests and they report no error so should be a localized issue.

Will do it.
Thx Fabio

same problem here. Cant access portfolio or staking interface. will go to support too

Check your date and time. That was my problem because i have win 7 and time didn’t synchronize.