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I traded successfully, twice.

And what you call fake orders are not fake believe me. They might be from Nash team and be added and removed automatically to create an impression of movement, but they are real orders, which you can buy/sell into.

That being said the bugs you run into are pretty alarming, thanks for reporting them!


I agree. I don’t think there are any fake orders.

But @kazanchev has a point and these issues should be looked into. In the first situation I would expect to see the order on the buy side until it is filled and in the second one the orders up to 185.50 should be bought up with his order. I am curious what would happen if you place the limit order on 185.50 though. I think it will go through. Nevertheless, you are helping the platform with posting these issues, so that’s a good thing. (But please don’t use the swearing in your images, it works counterproductive)

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I couldn’t buy anything even for 187.7
look at this, you can’t buy it:

and here’s the REAL price:

where’s that “best price program”?

It means all these sell orders are “fake” (first real order has the price of 189.08 )

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No, you can’t buy those. I proved it with my screenshots.

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Slow on the conspiracy theory, we can’t technically fake orders. Thanks for the report @kazanchev, this issue should not happen. There is a problem on the caching of the component (the visual element of the order book) that is not updating correctly. Our engineers are looking into it.

But all orders are real and you can query the API directly. Here from Python.


Thanks for clarification. I call them “fake” only because they can’t be filled. I have never expected the team to create this problem, I just wanted to make it clear that it’s been here for quite some time.


about 4 days ago we deployed a change on how order data is delivered to the client, before the client would ask the server (pull) for the data. This means that we would have a given frequency (0.5s), so orders “appeared” as being processed only at that speed. So we refactored the order data delivery so that the server pushed (push) to the client the data, this way orders shows much faster.

It seems that on this refactor this bug was introduced in the order book component, something that shouldn’t happen and we are very sorry for it, it will be fixed asap.


@canesin: Hi Fabio, how do you feel about opening a specific post for user-feedback for the mvp, similar to what we used in the equilibrium-fase? I think it would provide valuable information on UX/UI for the team, and give the community a specific place where they could express their experiences and thoughts/ideas after using the platform. Imo, this feedback-loop worked like a charm before, so i don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t use it in this fase of the project.

@clare; Hi Clare, a few months ago, i’ve informed on here about the availability of tutorials/explanatory videomaterial about the platform. You’ve replied at the time that this material was available to you, but that the team preferred to wait with disclosing it, as it would show some of Nash’s latest designs. However, I haven’t seen any explanatory video’s since that time. I was wondering if I’ve missed something, because in the meantime i’ve already used the platform to trade eth against neo, and had to figure out everything myself. What’s the status on this issue?

Wish you both well!



ETH-USDC is having this issue again right now. Try to buy some ETH.

Hi @Nickstar007 we continue to have the feedback loop. We are actually automating it now :smiley:

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Keep up the good work :sunglasses::woman_farmer:

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When is Europe be able to trade USDC pairs ?
“You are unable to create orders on the exchange for this market in your region.”

And today we have the biggest volume since the launch $28000, well done! :slight_smile:


It’s hard to trade with (without) the only market maker. The scariest part is a market price order on Nash. Just imagine the losses when MM disables his bots (plus that visual orders’ bug).

And it’s happening again right when NEO is pumping…c’mon, Nash, do something.