Planned maintenance schedule

Hi all,

Given we have a passionate community I wanted to preemptively answer two questions:

Why is Nash under maintenance? Is this expected?

Nash as a platform is in heavy development, as such we deploy constant improvements on several different areas, from admin features, interface updates, matching engine or settlement improvements to support tooling. Most of this updates are of a type called zero-downtime. A zero-downtime update is an update that is rolled into production on a manner that allows the systems to just continue to work, therefore this updates require no special communication.

Unfortunately not all updates can be zero-downtime. For those, we have the maintenance mode. During maintenance mode the system is split in two, one static page showing the maintenance notification and a parallel version running the new system in production. After quality assurance (QA) tests the new version comes online.

To decrease disruption we choose to perform the planned maintenance on a recurring time window when we have the least amount of visitors in the platform, as seen on the image below:

Our planned maintenance for the near term will be recurring on:

18:00 Wednesday, Central European Time (CET), which is:
17:00 Wednesday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC),
22:30 Wednesday, in New Delhi, Delhi, India,
14:00 Wednesday, in Brasilia - Federal District, Brazil,
12:00 Wednesday, Eastern Time (ET),
11:00 Wednesday, Central Time (CT),
09:00 Wednesday, Pacific Time (PT)

This doesn’t mean the platform will always be unavailable on this time, as this is a floating target. We will communicate any unplanned action.



Since today i get this for all markets, i wonder why since i live in EU (The Netherlands) i should be able to trade?

Do I contact support or is this for everyone in EU?

I have the same problem, also living in the EU.

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Same here

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I’ve the same problem. Maybe it has something to do with the USDC markets. They were never shown before, but since the update they are visible to me in EU.

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Any reason why the buy page won’t load?

It’s been glithcing since the latest update. USDC was available before and is available now for me but I see this warning fron time to time. It’s gone when I refresh the page.

I can’t even buy anything, now it looks like a total joke… very frustrating experience.

Yeah, me too. Now it’s loaded but there are no buying options.

It’s still just an MVP project.

It’s not working to the absolute unusable level. What’s the point then?


BTC is added and all the ETH and NEO pairs are working now, only the USDC once are not.

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Just wait…hundreds of people checking this out atm

Ok, it’s working now.

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The current state of this exchange is so poor, I can’t even express it without using bad words.
NOTHING is working. One can’t make a SINGLE trade.
Where is my order, WHERE is it?

and here:


Easy with the aggression, you can talk to support any time if you are having issues. Also the size is the amount of in that case ETH you have your buy order for as shown in the bottom as well buy your orders.

try to buy something without using support (30+ messages)

and I am not selling ETH, I am trying to buy it. And it shows as if I am a seller.

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