PHX Token on Binance Chain?

(Hatertots) #1

Just looking for a comment from the team about PHX creating a BEP2 token and moving to Binance Chain, was there not a partnership here on Nash with them and were they not an original launch pair? Just curious as I was surprised to see them do this.

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(Nash101) #2

Listing a token, doesn’t mean they have a partnership with them. Red pulse Phoenix can do whatever they like, but if you are interested in reading further what is happening, I recommend you to read an article about that.

eg. Article about PHX and Binance Chain

(Rened Fwa) #3

I think Red Pulse does not know what it wants! They’ve already changed blockchain several times, right? Will Nash support the blockchain of Binance?

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(Sam) #4

Red Pulse looking for a pump, can’t blame em I guess

(Kelvin Fugara) #5

Red Pulse community has not experienced a big pump since it inception, so this is their time under the hood of binance hype and not surprisingly when Nash has its own chain red pulse will migrate to us

(Olu ) #6

Well, projects shouldn’t just be migrating for the sake of pumps. This is what I don’t like about crypto - irrational “investors” and startups with irrational expectations, motivated by greed.

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(Elcontador) #7

Error dear friend, Red Pulse had a hype and came to be worth 0.70 cents a few hours, I managed to sell at 0.50c, Red Pulse paid my trip to Disney with my family literally