Phantasma listing and partnering

Phantasma is going very well in developement! me is thinking about 2 things:

  1. Listing of SOUL on Nash as Nep5-Token. (They are working on erc20 also by the way)

  2. Can someone tell me more about the relationship between Nash and Phantasma? What is the purpose of the partnering?

Would be nice to hear some details :slight_smile:

Have a nice time!

Where did you find info about Nash and Phantasma partnership and listing ?

I like SOUL, in fact I have a small bag that is generating CKAL, something like the GAS in NEO, now it is not a NEP5, in fact it already launched its MainNet but it has plans to have an ERC20 to facilitate access to the different Dapps and It would be great to be able to have SOUL listed soon in Nash. I leave you some reference link.

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A lot of things changed in the meantime. SOUL changed the economic setup of the token and introduced a conversion system. The legal opinion we had concerned its older settings, we would be happy to revisit if the project can cooperate with Nash law firms to provide updated legal opinions reflecting a stable setup (we cannot add support for a ERC20 or NEP5 that will have its settings changed in the mid term) and is willing to work with us to provide liquidity to the market.