A noticeable shift towards anger, frustration and in-fighting among the community members since the launch delay is one of the reasons why I decided to post this. Although some of the reactions are fully justified I still can’t help but request the community to try and understand the complexity of the task Nash and its team are undertaking. Let’s forget about the fact that this piece of software is one of its kind and uniquely innovative and instead focus on the effects a rushed launch due to pressure from our own community could cause on Nash’s image and reputation which consequently is tied to each and every one of our own interests.
For a different perspective, compare a startup such as Nash with employees spread around the world working remotely to deliver ‘revolutionary’ products to financial industrys’ behemoths like:

  • TSB Bank (UK): Planned system upgrade expected to shut down their banking services for a weekend ended up taking months effecting millions of its customers in April 2018.
  • Welsh NHS: Another launch of an upgraded system was delayed due to technical issues in 2018. Doctors couldn’t access patients’ data such as blood and x-ray results.
  • British Airways: For the sixth time in a year in 2017, BA faced a massive IT failure after a planned launch of a new internal software had technical issues.

Apple, Google, Microsoft… Giant IT firms around the world with millions and billions of dollars at their disposal who had their fair share of delays/issues in launching something new. Nash in comparison is an incredibly small startup with extremely high ambitions. The only thing which sets it apart from the big boys of the industry is its community of backers - Us. Understand the enormous pressure the devs and team must be under, appreciate the complexity of what Nash is trying to achieve and concur to Murphy’s law. Don’t provide fodder to fudders pouncing on an opportunity to discredit Nash. Let’s respect and be nice to each other specially to those who feel frustrated due to the delay and support the team all the way. This forum is the first point of contact for many new people looking into Nash and some of the recent posts/comments due to the launch delay could suggest an overall negative outlook.
Let’s just continue to Nash!


I totally agree, yet they are feeding the fudsters with a finished sock competition and an app that can not even be used before launch of exchange. I think they need to overthink its comm strategy at this point.

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Read the description from the app. There stands for what the current can be used


A delay is not nearly so bad as long as you do not have real customers. but if you have customers first and you lose them through a bad experience with the product, it is very difficult to impossible to win this back. take your time and bring out a good product / service.