Perfect time for acceleration the launching

after the recent news of blocking US from trading on binance, people put there try to find alternative many compositors trying to take the advantage


i also think so. the right timing now and nash could be the next biggest exchange very fast :slight_smile:

Exactly what I am thinking. Binance main site shutting down for the US is a HUGE opportunity for a regulatory compliant Nash to roll in!

Seek opportunity in the weakness of others is not to be successful, it is just to be opportunistic, no doubt the Nash team is very, very far from that.

that’s called marketing strategy no shame with that

Thanks for your suggestion but our timelines and marketing strategies are not based on difficulties faced by other projects. We are focused in promoting our solutions to real problems of users, having no choice for a compliant exchange with broad token support is one of those and that is one of the things we will highlight in our product.

Regarding timing I will start closing any topic relating to that, just do a search and see the multiple replies we did on the past weeks.

If you want to discuss the refereed case there is a on-going thread here: Thoughts?