People Spamming referral links should get punished

(Kristiyan G) #1

Hi @canesin @chris.fenwick @carla

Can I suggest people that are reported for spamming referral links in other telegram groups get punished because I can see already a lot of abusing going on spamming other projects which also looks bad on us.
Getting more people should be done in respectful manner and not like this I believe.
People are also spamming the community in here as well with links like how desperate can you really get ? just pathetic


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(Ant0ni081) #2

People are excited to finally have this all happen and want to get involved. They have put incentives so people do exactly this… spread the word. Nothing wrong with getting the news and referal codes out there. … its a legit project so whats the issue? Only spammers of rubbish hack frauds should be punished. This is not that kind of situation. Lighten up and go spread your code to, you never know you may win something big from it… maybe that will put a smile on your misrable face lol. chill and enjoy the fact we all get to get involved with this awesome project!

(Hatertots) #3

People spamming referral links is exactly what we want that is the point is to bring more people to the exchange. This is why referrals exist.

(Kristiyan G) #4

No that’s not what we need, people getting banned left and right in groups due to spamming, other projects should be respected as well I see the members in other telegram groups getting annoyed while they are having conversation someone starts spamming their link it’s just childish. But the admins can say if that was the goal.

(Frank) #5

How can you properly and confidently refer something that hasn’t been launched? This is something i will never understand.

(Olu ) #6

People shouldn’t be spamming referral codes on this community. It’s not fair and it’s also going to mess up the space. Most of us are here for information and to exchange ideas. Spam everywhere else but not here.

(Slowwalker) #7

How do you get a new code? Turns out I didn’t read carefully and give my unique link away. Can someone pm. Me a new referral, please?

(Mark) #9


(Mark) #10

Don’t worry this referral spam will die down.
It’s actually a good way to bring more people in. Tbh I got a bunch of friends sign up and now are hyped about the project though they only heard a little bit about, but now looking deeply into the project.

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(Ant0ni081) #11

Heres my seed referal code you can get your own code to share and enter the BTC/NEX/NASH referal bonus program.

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(Cockwaffles3000) #12

@KristiyanG If your looking for a code use mine :smiley: 2YnkNv

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(Ie Sua) #13

All social networks, Telegram groups and thematic sites are spammed with Nash referral invite codes. Referral codes from people who don’t even know what is Nash.

Absolutely stupid implementation of the referral program.

(Dead Pool 56) #14

Thats the main purpose of the referral program. To spread the word. Really see don’t anything wrong with that as long as they are following the rules of the referral program. That is just my opinion.

(Roberto947) #15

When it comes to posting in the community, I’m absolutely against it for two reasons. First, the whole point of the program is to spread the word. Why are you promoting Nex, where everyone is already a supporter? I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the purpose of the referral program. Second, If I’m in this group, I want to win the lottery and using your referral link actually increases your chances and therefore decreases mine because I have just created an extra ticket to go into the drawing, which makes my ticket getting picked even less likely.

When it comes to posting on Telegram channels, I’m mostly against it because most channels are created for specific discussions topics, which makes an outside promotion spam. For example, if I’m the CEO of project “AirChain” and I decide to create a telegram channels for the supporters of the project to collaborate on the project, do you think I or the community want outsiders coming in and “shilling” their project there? No. that’s not what the channel was made for. I do believe, however, that there are some appropriate telegram channels that focus on blockchain/projects in general where you can post the referral link. I will say this though, if I’m in that channel, and I see one person post the referral link, I don’t mind. But, if I see 20 more people do the same thing in the next hour on that same channel, I’d get a little annoyed. But is wrong or bad for Nashes reputation? I don’t know :slight_smile:

When it comes to twitter, go for it. It’s your account with people who have followed you because they decided that they like your content.

Sorry for the long post but these are just my thoughts. NASH RULES!!!

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(Kristiyan G) #16

Totally agree and that was my whole point, was hoping for the admins to say if they are ok with all that spam in the community and telegram and is this the way they would like Nash to be represented. And facebook, twitter is totally ok in my opinion but there needs to be boundaries on how awareness is spread not to impact us in negative way.

(Aladd) #17

spreading the word. everything will not happen as per our wish. so if few people going to any channel or twitter or youtube and spreading the word nothing wrong. its better than fakers spreading spam projects. but its upto and i dont think anyone is going to join the project if they see a refferal code but they are going to check the project if they think its genuine then only they sign up

what im afraid is more like few spammers can create fake links and point out to fake nash website which will damage our community. hopefully nothing like that happens and no one fell into trap

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(Njb) #18

No, the entire purpose of a referral link is for people to share it. They are naturally going to share it wherever they can. The Telegram groups obviously have their own agenda of not polluting the chat, and that’s up to them to police, but, from the perspective of the users, they are just sharing their link as widely as possible. Nash Exchange has incentivised this, so they obviously can’t ‘crack down’ on it. And it is in all of our interests if the link is spread everywhere, so that more people sign up to the platform.

Highly judgemental to say it is “pathetic”. They are doing exactly what Nash Exchange has incentivised them to do.

My referral code is: E17778



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