People are uninformed! Stay positive #Nash supporters, the future is ours!

The sentiment at the moment is that every new Defi thing that has as advisors some YouTube stars, they are doing great. So much like 2017, makes me angry.
People are following projects that after 1 min of light on YouTube that project is going up 15%. This is how people think. I am following Chico Crypto on youtube and only because of knowing #Nash personally I understood that his point about #Nash is wrong. YouTubers are going through the projects at lightning speed and after, they give their feedback, not all of them but almost all. Their feedback is most likely wrong. I get mad :rage: when someone reply with a uninformed comment and want to say to my team #Nash. PLEASE FOCUS ON INSTITUTIONS retail people are too crazy at the moment. No appreciation for the security and self custody and decentralized trading. I am just mad at the moment and wanted to say that people are mostly uninformed and for everyone in our team just stay focused. We can do it. I am definitely ready to engage in discussions about how BTC is important for people but few people actually care about decentralized finance. This is what I see on YouTube from English speaking and based in America YouTubers. Thank you :handshake:. People are confused and I am too but not about #Nash

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The path to success is most likely volume first from the community via trading bots, then new users / retail, small crypto firms (automated trading against the retail users), then much later institutions (they require much greater liquidity & market depth).

community > retail & small crypto trading firms > institutions

You can’t put the cart before the horse.


Relax! Im safe with nash


I will say… it is a little crazy how much influence over the masses, some of the top YouTube and Twitter crypto personalities have…
They can shift entire market sentiment in some cases…


You know, this is exactly the feeling I have watching crypto influencers :slight_smile:
But I am sure about the work Nash team is doing and their vision.

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When a robust maker/taker bot is made available to the community, I’m confident we’ll be generating somewhere between 5 and 15 million daily volume ourselves, and that the token price will hover between $1.20 and 1.80 for a bit.

Monthly dividends would be a respectable 3-4 figures for many community members at that volume; 4-figures p.a. for many of the active community members, and 5-figures p.a. for some, but we’d (hopefully) be feeding all of that back into our trading bots.

It’s a very small gap from “lol dividends terrible” to “>10% p.a. on investment”, and it’ll happen suddenly. Throw some trading competitions on top of that, and I suspect this will woo a lot of those crazy retail people.

I feel like institutional and retail adoption would occur gradually, in tandem, but it all begins with us.