"Passive" volume

Hi all,

Suggestion to get some “passive” volume on the exchange. I would like to see the ability, maybe as a feature in the nash extension, to allow people to construct their own index fund and rebalancing function. As an example, let’s say I would like to be invested 30% BTC, 30% ETH, 30% NEO, and 10% NEX. I can then choose to rebalance this either periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) or if these distributions deviate by some specifiable amount (x%). For NEX this cannot be staked then I would presume because it should be available for trading, but that is something to figure out later.

The trades in order to rebalance the portfolio would then be done automatically on the nash exchange via the extension. This benefits both the user with a sophisticated HODL mentality and will bring volume to the exchange.

Let me know what you guys think.


Good idea +1

No one normally likes to be passive! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Damn this is an extremely cool idea and way to generate volume :+1:


to rebalance one of my portfolio automatically on smartphone in one click would by nice Push

I like that! I am using this with Bots on some centralised exchanges but I would much rather have this option on NEX.

Replying to my own thread with another, somewhat similar idea. The possibility to schedule regular crypto purchases via the exchange.

Talked about in the below topic:


This is a great idea. If NASH can implement this it’ll make the platform so much more than an exchange.