Discussions about the Partnerships with projects that run on different blockchains.


What are your partnerships with projects that run on etherum as majority of volume (in utility tokens) is on etherum . so how are you planning to integrate partnerships with them like similar to nos type.?

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we expect that using offchain matching engine for other projects we get all these fees from these projects like nos,soul for staking rewards?

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Not sure if I understood your question correctly, but nOS is not limited to the NEO blockchain.
The nOS client and APIs will support multiple blockchains, starting with NEO branching out to ethereum and then widening to others.
You can find it in this interview (12:50+) :

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@JustUS yeah thanks for the info about nos, what i meant is nex is mostly partnering with neo based icos. as coz has a major role in neo platform. but eth has the biggest network as majority of crypto is erc20. so if these projects integrate to use nex as same way phantasma is doing like using their platform with btc/eth etc directly(of course they are converting to soul in backend using NEX).so if these partneships extend to eth or erc20 projects too , then we would get good revenue if any of these projects are sucessful.

In the AMA I heard in the future NEX would possibly run on a gossip protocol (hashes). I think this would be a great step to fast transactions. I’m wondering if there could be any cooperation with Hedera Hashgraph in this… (use of a private ledger on their network?)

To me a cooperation between Nex and Hedera = win win win win situation…

*note: I’m not a developer so I dont know if it’s technically possible to use the network of Hedera for NEX

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Hi @Ashrith you are right, we need to expand partners across multiple networks. Right now we have partners that will help us establish and improve the interfaces, as we get further down the road we will expand and facilitate for projects to use NEX. If you are a project using NEX services you shouldn’t be require to do a partnership for that. It should be as simple as using any PaaS today.