Partner of a Binance IEO

Good afternoon Nash team, I just wanted to ask about this association because it is an IEO in Binance, are Nash really partners?

Thank you!

Checkout this thread that discusses this.

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Excellent, it was what I was looking for, thanks!

And check out @ethan and @canesin are advisors for this project since around 1 year

There is no problem having a partnership with a coin that did IEO in any exchange if they did so lawfully and following best practices, if they did so respecting investors. So for now is a non-problem and I believe they are going to be using for this a lottery mechanism quite close to what we proposed in our offering as a fairer system. Regarding the issues with raising capital they will need to provide support to the needed legal opinions when their mainnet token is to be integrated and our legal firms will review it.